CineLibri Workshop - The Art of the Adapted Screenplay

Tuesday – Wednesday, October 15-16, 2020 / Sofia, Bulgaria


Dr. Linda Seger


Julian Friedmann

CineLibri workshop “The Art of the Adapted Screenplay” is meant to welcome in Sofia professionals, both debutants and experienced, from across Europe, who aspire to develop new adaptations for the big screen or for television. Our purpose is both to serve the current needs of the sector and to shape its future.

Aimed at complementing the knowledge and filling in specialized education gaps of both domestic and foreign scriptwriters, directors and producers, the workshop will present experts, lectures and masterclasses in two consecutive days during the festival. As CineLibri’s co-owners are distinguished book publishers (since 1989) and have promoted hundreds of prominent authors who represent different epochs, genres and styles, they have the expertise needed for accomplishing educational events of this nature. That is why the workshop is focused on the special skill of adapted scripts, relevant to all filmmakers, including screenwriters, writers, directors and producers, interested in this delicate and meaningful occupation.

Come and join the international CineLibri Screenwriting Workshop based exclusively on outstanding underlying materials such as novels, novellas, short stories, plays and true stories! Let your talent contribute to the unique vibes of this inspiring two-day seminar which is to take place within the 5th edition of the only book&movie festival in the world. If you want to experience the adventure of cinema and literature, and if you have your own visual ideas and literary dreams, this is the right place to be, with many distinguished attendees of the Cinelibri Festival as well as the experts at the workshop.