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The best of CineLibri 2016

CineLibri 2016 delighted the audience with more than 160 screenings of 19 films, 9 national premieres and one world feature film premiere! Festival films were projected in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and another 5 Bulgarian cities from 5th to 16th October. All the adaptations represented a perfect symbiosis between literature and cinema, the most popular arts in the world!

The special guests of CineLibri 2016 were remarkable European artists and pronounced talents who have achieved world success thanks to their innovative thinking, the courage of asserting their convictions and the art of creative provocation. Frédéric Beigbeder, one of the most eccentric and controversial figures of French artistic world, opened CineLibri on October 5th  in Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture. The opening was followed by premiere of his latest film “The Ideal”, based on motifs from his own bestseller “Help, forgive”, published in Bulgaria.

Among the visiting celebrities were Jiří Menzel, the living legend of Czech cinematography, and Arnon Grünberg, one of the most original and provocative representatives of contemporary Dutch prose. They opened the screenings of “I Served the King of England” (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria) and “Tirza” (Netherlands) respectively, two productions which are awarded a number of prestigious distinctions. A special guest of CineLibri 2016 was also Catherine Bernstein, a writer and director (together with Assen Vladimirov) of the documentary “The Bookseller,” inspired by life and personality of the great French writer Romain Gary.

Apart from being acquainted with four outstanding artists, CineLibri’s audience in Sofia had the privilege to watch one of the most ambitious film productions of 2016: Michael Grandage’s story “The Genius”, adaptation of A. Scott Berg’s brilliant biographical work. The book is dedicated to the intriguing personality of Max Perkins, a legendary editor who created geniuses such as Hemingway and Fitzgerald. Colin Firth, Nicole Kidman and Jude Law are the stars in this impressive portray based on real events. The official Bulgarian premiere of the film took place on October 11th in Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture. After the end of CineLibri, the film was distributed throughout the country.

CineLibri 2016 had a very promising parallel program, including film projections, literary discussions, workshops and meetings attended by spectators, readers and professionals. Within two weeks, they passed together the way of the words from the white sheet to the big screen. Because … if literature makes life worthwhile, the cinema enchants it!

Official selection in competition

Genius“Genius” directed by Michael Grandage, based on the biographical work by A. Scott Berg, The film was nominated because of the restrained dramatism and profoundness with which the subject of creative writing is concerned; and because of the compelling and touching look at the relationship between a “larger than life” writer and his editor.

The Ideal“The Ideal” directed by Frédéric Beigbeder, based on his own novel “Help, Forgiveness”. The film was nominated because of the scathing still entertaining wit and sarcasm the vices of contemporary fashion and cosmetics industry are treated with.

High-Rise“High-Rise” directed by Ben Wheatley, based on the cult novel by J. G. Ballard. The film was nominated because of the stylish and darkly humorous perusal of an important classic novel, the remarkable cast and impressive camera work.

Me and Kaminski“Me and Kaminski” directed by Wolfgang Becker, based on Daniel Kehlmann’s novel. The film was nominated because of the convincing  actors, the original German/French soundtrack, and, before all, the intelligent way it represents the falseness beneath the pretensions of the art and journalistic worlds.

Her“Her” (Elle) directed by Paul Verhoeven, based on the novel “Oh…” by Philippe Djian. Because of the unique directorial approach to the text, combining provocation, veracity and psychological strenth. And because of the powerful and audacious performance of Isabelle Hupert.

Eternity“Eternity” directed by Tran Anh Hung, based on Alice Ferney’s novel. The film was nominated because of the visually spectacular experience it offers, and the poetic and exquisite way a story of women and relationships that define a family across a century was told through music and pictures.

A Man Called Ove“A Man Called Ove” directed by Hannes Holm, based on Fredrik Backman’s bestseller. The film was nominated because it turns a huge bestseller into a humane and wickedly funny film,  teaching tolerance among cultures in a soft, unobtrusive way.

American Pastoral“American Pastoral” directed by Ewan McGregor, based on Philip Roth’s bestseller. The film was nominated because of the courageous debut of Ewan McGregor as a director, the brilliant actors’ performances and  for addressing one of the greatest contemporary American novels.

Awards 2016

2016 Cinelibri Award went to the French writer, literary critic and director Frédéric Beigbeder “for his inexhaustible creative energy and adventurous courage to put a finger in the wounds of modern society; and for his talent in recreating his own novels on the big screen with biting humour and self-irony.”

Contemporary productions out of competition

  • “Tirza” directed by Rudolf van den Berg, based on Arnon Grunberg’s acclaimed novel
  • “I Served the King of England” directed by Jirí Menzel, based on the eponymous novel by Bohumil Hrabal
  • “99 Francs” directed by Jan Kounen, based on Frédéric Beigbeder’s bestseller
  • “Of Love and Shadows” directed by Betty Kaplan, based on Isabel Allende’s novel

Film classics out of competition

  • “Of Mice and Men” directed by Gary Sinise, based on John Steinbeck’s cult novel
  • “L’amant” directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud, based on the novel by Marguerite Duras
  • “To Kill a Mockingbird” directed by Robert Mulligan, based on Harper Lee’s unfading novel
  • “Like Water for Hot Chocolate” directed by Alfonso Arau, based on Laura Esquivel’s novel
  • “Cheri” directed by Stephen Frears, based on novels by the French writer Colette

Documentary out of competition

  • “The Bookseller” directed by Catherine Bernstein and Assen Vladimirov; a film inspired by life and works of Romain Gary


  • Over 160 screenings of excellently selected feature films based on books
  • Presentation of all the books that inspired the relevant film productions
  • Passionate discussions, VIP cocktails and flashmobs with the participation of famous European and local artists
  • 4 special guests – European creators with exceptional achievements in the field of arts
  • 1 Cinelibri Award for entire contribution to the arts interaction
  • 1 Night in honour of Werner Herzog and projection of his film Fitzkaraldo


Фредерик Бегбеде

Frédéric Beigbeder

the romantic egoist of French artistic society, an eccentric writer, screenwriter and film director, whose writing style includes both humour and self-mockery

Арнон Грюнберг

Arnon Grunberg

a reputed Dutch writer, winner of prestigious literary prizes; he presented his novel “Tirza” and its film adaptation in Sofia

Иржи Менцел

Jiří Menzel

a living legend of Czech cinematography, who gained international fame in 1967, when his first feature film, Closely Watched Trains, won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film

Катрин Бернщайн

Catherine Bernstein

co-screenwriter and director of the documentary “The Bookseller”, a film devoted to the great French writer Romain Gary