Sofia Municipality Prize 2018
Sofia Municipality Prize 2018

Due to its contribution to the intercultural cooperation, diversity and the quality of the cultural ambience in Sofia and Bulgaria, the creative team of CineLibri was awarded the Sofia Municipality Prize 2018 for Brilliant Achievements in the Field of Culture in “Cinema” category. It is an extremely prestigious national distinction of many years’ duration. The award was handed to Jacqueline Wagenstein, founder, director and chief selectioner of the festival, on September 17th at a solemn ceremony in the National Theatre “Ivan Vazov”, Sofia.

Every year CineLibri attracts some of the brightest figures of contemporary European cinematography and literature – producers, directors, screenwriters, writers, film composers and actors acclaimed all over the world. The artistic qualities of the presented works take into account the European cultural diversity and priorities and are in harmony with the overall cultural program of Sofia.

Eloquent testimony to the success of each of the previous festival editions is the entirely positive feedback from the guests, the media, the experts, and especially from the general public. The demand for the books adapted is also growing – during and after the end of each festival period. CineLibri sheds light on how literature contributes to the development of cinema and performing arts and brings about the conditions for starting a number of interactive projects intent to enhance the development of the relevant cultural communities. Since 2015, the festival met the audience with dozens of remarkable creators and producers such as Volker Schlöndorff, Ian McEwan, Margaret Mazzantini, Sergio Castellitto, Benoît Jacquot, Douglas Kennedy, Jiří Menzel, David Grossman, Arnon Grunberg, Herman Koch, Frédéric Beigbeder, Catherine Bernstein, David Foenkinos, Dror Mishani, Bruno Coulais, Kiera Chaplin and many, many others.

Especially appealing part of the festival programme are the Gala Evenings in honor of various national cultures – in 2018 among them were Finland, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina and Japan (within the Days of Japanese Culture in Bulgaria).These events include screenings of distinguished literary adaptations of the respective countries, accompanying discussions and numerous surprises for the spectators and are organized with the kind cooperation of the cultural institutes and embassies of the countries listed.

CineLibri 2019 aims at expanding the cultural perspective of Sofia and Plovdic and will pay special attention to the European dimension, addressing themes, social attitudes and motives related to European heritage and topics of the day. The festival will be held from 5-20 October 2019 and will present at least 55 European films, both feature and documentary productions and co-productions, 75% of which will be national and world premieres. In terms of the thematic scope, they will concern the challenges of integration and disintegration processes in different societies, the problems of alienation in the postmodern world, the new sterotypes in the light of political correctness, cybercrime and virtual frauds, gender issues and the search for identity and others.