Първият ден от моя живот
Първият ден от моя живот

One of the brightest stars of contemporary Italian cinema, Paolo Genovese, arrives in Sofia for the official premiere of the novel “The First Day of My Life” and the film adaptation of the same name, directed by himself.

The First Day of My Life” is a story about the strength to start over when everything around seems to collapse. There are four of them: Napoleon the motivator, Emily the gymnast, Arita the policewoman and twelve-year-old Daniel. And they are determined to kill themselves. But moments before they make the irreparable gesture, a stranger – or an angel? – persuades them to make a pact: for seven days, he will show them how life goes on in their absence, then let them decide whether to end it. Thus begins their journey into the future, where they will experience adventures on the edge of reality, become a united group and begin to look at themselves and others differently. And after the seventh day they will return to the first. And this might be the first day of their new life.

Born in Rome in 1966, Paolo Genovese is a writer, screenwriter and director with an original creative style. He has directed over 10 films based on his own scripts, including “The Place”, “It’s All Freud’s Fault”, “Perfect Strangers”, which were hugely successful, with the latter having over 15 remakes and being awarded the David di Donatello Award for best movie and best screenplay. Genovese is also the author of several novels, including “Superheroes” and “The First Day of My Life”, brilliantly adapted to the screen under his direction.

Paolo Genovese arrives in Sofia at the end of February at the invitation of CineLibri and Colibri Publishers for two special cinema&literary meetings. In addition to personally presenting his novel “Superheroes” and the eponymous movie – both already known to a large part of the Bulgarian readers/viewers, Genovese will attend the official Bulgarian premiere of the comedy drama “The First Day of My Life” and the discussion after the screening. The film stars some of the most beloved Italian actors: Toni Servillo, Margherita Buy, Valerio Mastandrea, Sara Serraiocco,  Vittoria Puccini and others.

February 28, Casa Libri, 6:00 p.m., SUPERHEROES screening
Tickets: https://epaygo.bg/1331841872

8:00 p.m. Presentation of the novel and the film “Superheroes”, free entry

March 1, Lumiere Cinema, 6:15 p.m., Premiere screening of the film THE FIRST DAY OF MY LIFE
Tickets: https://epaygo.bg/3685514949

8:15 p.m. Discussion with the audience after the end of the film and presentation of the novel of the same name, free entry

Tickets for both screenings in the presence of Paolo Genovese can be purchased online from EasyPay, at EasyPay cash desks and at CASA LIBRI.

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The project takes place with the financial support of the National Culture Fund under the action “Program for Recovery and Development of Private Cultural Organizations”.