Press & Accreditation

The CineLibri International Book to Film Festival (CineLibri IFF) is a festival event with unique profile worldwide. Festival programme is covered by thousands of journalists and media. Journalists from all over the world are welcome to attend all 24 days of festival in Sofia at their choice. Press accreditations are granted after applying online between 1 of June and 1 of September.

Media representatives who are willing to cover the festival in October 2023 will receive free accreditation for all major events and free access to most of the theater halls in Sofia where more than 70 films will be screened.

When filling the form, you only have to prove your main activity is audiovisual (TV, radio, press agency, web media) or photographic (photo agency, press photographer). We eagerly await to welcome you to edition 2023 of CineLibri IFF between 6 and 29 of October!