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If literature is the bread, then cinema is the wine of imagination.


Proven to be the world’s first international book&movie festival, CineLibri is an extraordinary annual event, inspired by the fruitful interaction of arts – cinema and literature, in particular. It is held in Sofia and other district centres in Bulgaria every autumn, and shows the best examples of film adaptations based on significant literary works, both contemporary and classic. The festival is an extremely important, independent showcase for high-quality European film productions and co-productions.

CineLibri encompasses official selection of competing films, parallel programme of films out of competition and a number of educational events, literary presentations, various panel discussions, workshops, masterclasses etc.

Official Selection in competition or the main program of the festival consists of talented literary adaptations for the big screen released during the last year or two. Actually, this section includes the nominations for best feature films based on books and completed during the last 2 years. All the selected titles in competition are national premieres. They are presented in prestigious movie theatres and art spaces in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and other Bulgarian cities together with the literary works which had inspired the filmmakers.

Prize-winners are announced by an international Jury, composed of a President and Members (including famous producers, directors, writers, screenwriters, actors, film composers). Adaptations are ranked at first, second and third place. The CineLibri statuette for masterful literary adaptation is handed to the relevant film director or producer, for their skillful “interpretation” of a literary work into the language of cinema. Adaptations, which are ranked at the 2nd and 3rd place, receive honorary diplomas. Traditionally, the festival bestows a CineLibri Prize for Entire Contribution to creators in the field of cinema, literature, and script adaptation.

The Jury decision about awards reckons on the following criteria:

► Characteristics of the adapted screenplay based on work(s) of literature in terms of how the content itself was transferred to the big screen, quality of dialogues etc.

► Cinematography, i.e. visual storytelling and achieving considerable impact on audience with the means of cinema including camera movement, lighting etc.

► Convincing acting performances and veracity of literary characters’ re-creation on the big screen

► Genuine directorial approach, which is expected to combine innovative style and a loyalty towards the spirit of the literary work

► Most appealing literary adaptation in terms of positive feedback from both critics and audience acknowledging that the book and movie are equally acclaimed

Parallel Programme of CineLibri includes several film sections: classics and retrospectives; contemporary European productions and co-productions based on books; biopics for renowned authors, poets and playwrights; celebration of jubilees and tributes to prominent directors and screenwriters; milestone documentaries and short films.

From the very beginning, CineLibri is an attractive venue for a number of educational modules, e.g. book presentations and lectures, panel discussions with visiting experts, masterclasses and workshops, open meetings and various free events with the participation of special guests of the festival. Meetings with established European creators and talented young professionals and all the accompanying events with dignified speakers and guests aim at promoting Europe’s cultural heritage and contemporary European cinema and literature.

The mission of the festival is inseparable from the policy of disseminating European cultural values, sharing experience and promoting both the unfading classics and latest achievements of contemporary art by seeking new perspectives on topical and universal themes. The forum aims at providing access to European culture and traditions in a modern, attractive and influential manner. Combining artistic techniques and resources of cinema, literature, theatre performances, classical music and plastic arts, CineLibri 2019 adheres to the strategy of enhancing interaction of arts and promoting intercultural dialogues, while facilitates access to non-commercial European cinema. The festival maintains long-lasting partnerships with all embassies, diplomats and cultural institutes in Bulgaria and abroad, co-operates with a number of European cultural organizations, incl. production companies, art associations and funds etc.