Film Submission Rules and Regulations

10th CineLibri IFF, 10 October - 3 November 2024


1.1. Organizer

CineLibri Ltd. is an independent Bulgarian producer and distributor of cultural and art events, productions and co-productions in the field of cinema, literature and performing arts. It is the founder and organizer of the CineLibri International Book to Film Festival (CineLibri IFF).

1.2. Mission and Objectives

CineLibri IFF is an annual international event held every autumn in Sofia and other Bulgarian cities.  It is an extraordinary film festival, inspired by fruitful interaction of arts – cinema and literature in particular. CineLibri explores, selects and shows exemplary screen adaptations of significant literary works which belong to different epochs, genres and currents of thought. The festival is independent showcase for high-quality European and non-European film productions and co-productions, including Bulgarian ones. CineLibri’s mission is to set criteria for quality content of cinema products; to educate the target audiences while entertaining them; to contribute to the ennoblement of the cultural climate and the strengthening of Bulgaria’s reputation as a place for productive international meetings and negotiations of local artists with their colleagues from the European and world art scene.

1.3. Dates    

The 10th CineLibri IFF will take place in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Gabrovo, Veliko Tarnovo, Stara Zagora and online from 10th October to 3rd November 2024.

1.4. Juries

In 2024 three juries will be established, one for each competitive section – feature film, short film, documentary. The CineLibri Competition Programme welcomes film productions and co-productions from all European countries, as well as from non-European countries.

International Jury consists of prominent filmmakers, screenwriters, actors/actresses, producers, film composers, film critics and other representatives of cultural sector.

The majority of Jury members of Jury committee in the feature film competitive section will come from countries other than Festival’s host country. No Jury member will be assigned if previously had taken part in the making of any film in the competition programmes.


The Board of Selectors chooses and invites films to be presented in three CineLibri Festival Competition Programme sections, as well as in several non-competitive festival sections such as animation, family movies, socially engaged films, debuts etc.

Submission for participation in CineLibri Festival Competition Programme 2024 is open to films for the following programmes:

  • Competition Programme – Feature Film. Films should be based on/inspired by/adapted from works of literature.
  • Competition Programme – Short Film. Films should be based on/inspired by/adapted from works of literature.
  • Competition Programme – Documentary Film. Films should be dedicated to famous authors or works of literature.

Submissions for films will be accepted only if they fit the profiles of programmes listed above.


Basic general criteria for determining the winners in all competitive sections:

  • an original, visionary director’s approach to the interpretation of the respective literary work (in the documentary section: to real life, personality and creative work of respective writer)
  • masterfully selected actors/actresses and well-built characters with the expressive means of cinema;
  • impactful cinematography and skillful transmission of messages of the literary work in visual language.


Members of the Competition Programme Jury shall grant the following Awards:

  • CineLibri Best Literary Adaptation Award 2024 in the Feature Film Competition
  • CineLibri Best Literary Adaptation Award 2024 in the Short Film Competition
  • CineLibri Award 2024 in the Documentary Competition

In individual cases, additional distinction(s) in the form of honorary diploma(s) may be awarded.

CineLibri periodically bestows Grand Prize for Overall Contribution to the art of literary adaptation. Among the recipients of this honor so far are Jiří Menzel, Ian McEwan, Volker Schlöndorff, Sergio Castellitto.


Why should you apply?

CineLibri is an extraordinary festival dedicated to the world’s most beloved arts – cinema and literature. It promotes the most original and impressive film interpretations of literary works – contemporary, modern, classical.

CineLibri presents a generous non-competitive program of screen adaptations of literary works, divided into several sections. From the very beginning, festival parallel programme includes attractive educational modules, lectures, panel discussions with visiting experts, master classes and seminars, open literary premieres and meetings with prominent film producers, screenwriters, directors, film composers, cinematographers, costume designers, actors, etc., various informal events with the participation of the special guests of the festival. Meetings with established European creators and talented young professionals in the field of cinema and all accompanying events aim at promoting the cultural heritage of Europe and contemporary European cinema and literature.

Application requirements:

Films have to be related to the world of literature. You can submit a film that is an adaptation of a book, a true life story about a writer/work of literature, or an original interpretation of a literary work, regardless of genre.

By submitting your movie you agree that:

CineLibri may use parts of your movie (including movie trailer/teaser/poster) for promotional purposes.

Entry fees are non-refundable.

You cannot withdraw your submitted application after the official announcement of the selection of each round.

Additional information about applications, deadlines, fees etc.: